Why Join 1ML

With all the advancements in pharmacology and major pharmacies pouring in, the competition gets real. Regardless, our prime aim remains healthcare at its best while maximizing growth for our partners. Amidst the competition, questions like, “Why do I opt for 1ml?” are sure to pop up in one’s mind. And here’s why-

  • This is an golden opportunity for joining as we take pride in stating that ‘1 Ml Healthcare Services’ stands as one of the largest retail pharmacies, with our growth rates witnessing a rise upto 70%.
  • 2. We have altered the conventional joining fees of Rs 10999/- to an overwhelming rate of Rs 00.00/- only. (Also, it’s refundable after 1 year of successful joining with 1ml).
  • If your firm joins 1ml through this plan, it labels you eligible for digital marketing in your area.
  • 1ml also provides an admin panel for your shop.
  • When consumers search for medicines online, our technologies ensure that your firm’s name appears on the top of the consumer’s search list. Thus increasing the visibility of your shop by 80%.
  • Your store gains eligibility for sponsors offered on the websites and apps.
  • If a consumer demands or is willing for a blood test at your shop, you could forward the request to us as the reports would be generated at the earliest from our associated pathology labs and would be conveyed back to the customer either digitally or through a hard copy. The commission of 1-15% levied by us to the lab would then be shared with your shop.
  • If medicines are successfully delivered within the time,1 ML would not charge any commission for one year.
  • 1 ML redirects the online orders to your store directly from users. This eliminates the mishap through any middle man. And ensures to attract traffic of customers to your store.
  • We would provide pharmacy software for free after the initial two years.
  • 1 ML also provides a catchy hoarding of our shop.
  • Technologytrainingand operational support is also rendered by us.

We ensure that we would remain true to the above mentioned deals. At 1 ML Healthcare Services we offer you are warm welcome to be a part of our family.


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