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1Ml is a platform designed to merge an umbrella of health servicesto deliver them at your doorstep. The healthcare industry in India is still in a struggle to provide the people with safe, reliable and advance technology clubbed with convenience. We believe in bringing the change through a modern vision by providing people with tested and approved health care facilities andmaking them available at the ease of their homes.

We envision creating a better future by developing a platform that delivers all services relating to health care directly at the residences of people. We have the vision to merge all the health services that a common man looks for into a single 1ML application so that people don’t have to worry about visiting hospitals for every health problem. Instead, just with a few clicks, the users will be able to access services such as buying medicines, fixing appointments with doctors, calling an ambulance, getting diagnostic tests done at home, blood requirements, etc. along with other services like home nurses, caring for the old aged people,new-born baby and mother care and much more all at the doorstep. Also, if you are looking for train-ambulance or air-ambulance services, we can cover it all.

Our Goal is to develop such a business model through a qualified mobile application with which people will be able to access all health care services 24/7 at a minimal cost. So, next time you come across a health problem, you don’t need to struggle to go to a hospital, the services can be brought directly to your house. With high quality and advanced technology, we would like to provide the users with every healthcare facility at an economical cost so that the finances don’t restrict you to care for the health of you and your loved ones.

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